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I grew up in a sizeable city 'til I moved to a very small town at the age of 4, in which I lived until the age of 14, when my mother left my father due to emotional abuse. In between this time I had gotten baptized at the age of 13 (as that was the age my 3 elder siblings had gotten baptized.) My parents reconciled within that same year and we relocated to the big city. I began questioning things from about the age of 14 and ran way from my parents house at 16. I've been "out" of the JW's basically since then. I have not gone to a meeting since I was 17 or 18 years old. My dad was a very controlling elder who is now doubting his faith and my mom is a die-hard devotee who talks to her children even though she thinks they're gonna die at armageddon. So, in a sense, I'm one of the lucky ones because my parents have not disowned me. Still, I've got a thousand JW stories to tell and if you want to talk about anything, hit me up for a conversation.
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Here's something that I just wrote to another young person who's stuggling in that religion. I think most of it will apply to you and I hope it helps. <br />
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"Take it from me who is 35 years old, who was also raised a J-Dub, and who constantly looks back on his childhood with regret and wishes he could go back and change things;...you HAVE to take control of your life at some point. It's taken me a very long time to learn that childhood and young adulthood are very short and important times in a persons life that should be spent exploring who you are. What your talents are and what you want to do with the rest of your life. Birthdays and holidays are only the tip of the iceberg of things in life you'll be missing out on if you sick with that religion. How about missing out on a career? Or missing out on being with someone you really love because he's not a Jehovah's Witness?<br />
I know it must be very hard for you having most of your family in that religion. That adds a lot of pressure to the equation that I didn't have to deal with much. Luckily for me my moms side of the family were worldly. But as hard as it is, it's your life and you have to decide how you're going to live it. No one else can decide that for you, nor should they! At some point, soon, you're going to have to ask yourself, 'Am I going to live my life for me, or live my life for other people?'"

I'm 15 and my parents ruined my life with this faith. i believe in jehovah and i love him very much, i even talk to him. But i feel that a few of the congregations are corrupt, espessially mine. i don't want to attend meetings anymore, but i can't find a way to tell them. my parents have taken what it means to be a good christian and completly blew it out of proportion. i hate my life. can someone give me advice? thanks

My best friend was a JW she was murdered just recently and you story just reminded me of her...Im sure you are very sweet and caring just like her:)<br />
Msg me if you still use this..<br />
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Thank you<br />
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Hi there. I like your comments and agree wholeheartedly.<br />
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