Been There, Done That

Before becoming a Jehovah Witness, I had many gods I worshiped. I was Atheist. Sports was my god. Music was my god. I studied Buddha, Islam, Catholic, Astrology, Demons, Angels, Idols, Presperterian, Methodist, Episcopalian, Orthodox, Baptist, African American Denominations, Lutheran, Non-Denominational, Mary worship, no worship. Paul calls it deeply entrenched things.

Most people who talk about Jehovah's Witness in the negative are people who come from being a Jehovah Witness to join the world system of things (the broad road). I came from the world system of things to the Jehovah Witness Organization. Just the opposite.

Everything the Bible says about the World and Satan is true. I've been there. And the warnings you get weekly from Jehovah's Organization are True. I was there friends. Been there, Done that. You are safe if you stay in the boat.

Jehovah Witness for life!
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3 Responses May 4, 2012

yeah people should study and not follow blindly..

I like how you've done your home work and research. I agree with you.

I'm glad you are happy :)