Name And Shame

i used to be a jehovahs witness. i am also gay. so last year i decided enough was enough and stopped my association with the jehovah witnesses. i got a boyfriend, and now we live together. most family members, including grandparents aunties uncles and cousins, know about it. the majority are all jehovahs witnesses whether active ones, inactive, or just never bothered following in the religion of their parents.
a wedding invite was sent round to eveyone from my cousin catherine. then all hell broke loose. the mother of my cousin, my aunty, was responsible for writing out the invitations and delivering them to the family. when she knocked on my parents door and deliverd the invitations, she spoke to my sister. she said to her that she was dropping off the invites but added that regards joshua's invite (me) it was supposed to be plus one, but so as not to offend richard and cherie jones, who are the most fanatical jehovahs witnesses on this planet and also my uncle and aunty, she decided not to add the plus 1 on my invite. my sister was furious and gave her a piece of her mind before slamming the door. she then got straight on the phone to catherine wanting to know what was going on. catherine was furious! and had a right go at her mum for doing what she did. she assured me that my boyfriend was more than welcome and as its her wedding its up to her who comes to the wedding and my boyfriend is definetly on the guest list. my aunty linda then went and told richard and cherie jones the situation. the fact is, i am an inactive member of the jehovahs witnesses, inactive simply so i can retain contact with my parents. well when richard and cherie jones found out they blew up almost literally. richard jones is an elder in the westbury congregation in westbury, wiltshire. he immediatley judged and condemned me. as an elder displaying a christian spirit and setting a fine example, he should have shown me pity and wondered what had made me strayed from the narrow path and offered his help. but instead he acted like the pharisees in jesus's day. he then decided that he and his wife and also forced their children, from now on to treat me as a disfellowshipped jehovahs witness, completly shunned and treated like a dead person. is this really christian? does he really have the right to be a shepherd of the flock of god if he cant display christian qualities? jesus would have condemned him when he was on the earth.
but to make matters worse, my great gran died. we had her funeral today 26th november 2012. richard jones made a massive fuss because the funeral would be a church of england funeral. whilst disrespecting the funeral arrangments, richard jones decided to show greater disrespect by deciding to arrive late for the funeral and not enter the church or engage in any of the ceremony. most family members said why is he even bothering to come at all?
whilst disrespecting the funeral, he also refused to have anything to do with me at the funeral. in addition he also completly ignored my mother! his younger sister! he has decided that because my mum hasnt disowned me like he has that she should be treated like a dead person too. what a thing to do to a grieving relative! and this is supposed to be a christian! not only that but a number of family members have all had strong words with richard jones about what hes doing and noone shows support to his ungodly mistreatment. to make things even worse, another elder from another congregation told him that he is being to hard and mean on the situation. theres very little i can do about the whole situation. but i am determined to name and shame him to show the world what he is like. richard jones and cherie jones from the westbury congregation in westbury wiltshire. u have been named and shamed and may god judge you in the same way u judged me!
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Nov 26, 2012