I Never Like It!

As a kid, my parents decided to be Jehovah's Witnesses... So, me and my siblings had no choice but to be part of this religion too. I'm not here to knock it or judge it. If it works for some, more power to you. :-)

But, I hated it! It meant that we couldn't have holidays, like everyone else. No Christmas, no Halloween, no Easter, no nothing. And the belief was, because these were Pagan holidays. Which has some truth in it, I admit. Many of these holidays were once Pagan ones first, adapted into Christianity. But I didn't care about the history of it, as a child. I wanted to have fun and have cheer like all the other kids did. I wanted presents too! And not just on Christmas, but on my birthday too.

Yep, celebrating birthdays were also against the rules. We were told that it was sinful. That we should celebrate death, as that would mean we would have a chance at Paradise. But, I wanted to celebrate my birth. :-(

Also, everything seemed to be labeled evil! Even the Smurfs! They used magic and so they were evil. My sister and I were banned from watching our favorite cartoon. :-(

The last straw for me, was when my grandmother insisted on sending me and my sister one Christmas gift. She sent us each a nice necklace. My sister got the one with a dog pendant. And I got one with a pretty Cross. My parents took mine away from me, saying it was sinful. The Cross was something that Jesus had died on, so it was evil. And I started to cry, saying that my sister gets to keep her present. And my parents justwaved and said, that we shouldn't have presents anyways, because the holiday is evil. And I was still upset, pointing out the fact that my sister was still keeping her present! And I cried and cried... until my parents yelled at me and sent me to bed early. :-(

That was when I decided, when I grew up, i would not be Jehovah Witness! And that came true, I'm not! I'm Pagan! =p

The thing of it was, my father did too many horrible things and was kicked out of the fellowship anyways... by the time I was age 12. And my parents still tried to keep the religion. But by age 15, I got rebellious and bought and gave everyone a Christmas present! So there! And my mother just shrugged her shoulders and went back to being Christian, like she was raised to be. So, we began to have holidays again. :-)

But the damage was already done. Growing up, my sister and I weren't allowed to believe in the wonders that most kids did... Santa was evil... The tooth-fairy was evil... In fact all fairies were evil... and Elves and Sprites, and anything else you can think of. So, we were a little robbed of our child-like wonder. Ah, well. :-/

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2 Responses Feb 25, 2009

well I got away and haven't looked back.

Most spectacular story! I truly am sad to hear that some people make such a horroble things to their own children.