I HATE the question 'where are you from?' because there is no easy answer: all require an explanation.

Where was a born? Provo, Utah. Do I EVER want to claim that place? NO! And I only lived there 2 months anyway.

Where did I 'grow up' the most? Germany. This results in the explanation that I'm not German and don't speak the language fluently, though I do have distinctly European traits and outlook (you'll probably hear about that later).

Where did I go to college? The one year so far was in Rexburg, Idaho. GOD that was a mistake. *shudder* Don't want to talk about it.

Where does my family live? Omaha, Nebraska. I'm currently living with them, but don't consider it 'home' or 'where I'm from.'

Where is the last place I enjoyed living? St Petersburg, Russia.

The only place I could honestly say home was is Europe.

So where are you from?

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Same here. Have lived in so many places that there was no place that I could call "home" .
Many of my civilian friends could not place me because there was no "native" accent so to speak. My life as an Air Force brat was very rewarding. Went on to join the Air Force and continued traveling for another twenty one years before retiring.

Right....I get that question all the time. Where am I from? I really don't have a clue. I was born at RAF Greenham Common, a SAC reflex base to an American father and British mother. We shuttled back between the States and England until 1969 when my father died. I don't have any accent so no one can place me. We finally wound up in southern Va and that's where I say I'm from.....but not really. All AF brats have that problem if they grew up on bases....

right! lol

That always made me giggle too. What would they have done if the answer had been "Why yes, of course I knew so and so?" LOL.<br />
<br />
Ohh to live on base...what an experience. You have as much of a chance as having a good time as you do a bad time. The only times I really recall doing that, however, were when we were in Japan and Germany, and it was basically required. Never a dull moment. lol.

oh yeah, I lived in Clearfield, too- on base.<br />
The general populace will never know what it's like to live on a military base.

Yeah, I get that one all the time!<br />
And I have to break it down like you did.<br />
I think I only got to be at the same school for an entire year twice. People ask me where I've lived, I start rattling off the list, their eyes glaze over and they just can't comprehend.<br />
I got to live in Japan, so everyone thinks I speak Japanese (choto).<br />
When people hear I lived in New York, they start asking me what neighborhood and if I ever went such and such, if I know so and so- I was 6 years old! Come on!<br />
So, hugs to you- I'm there, too!

I totally feel your pain. My family moved around 12 times between the time I was born and the time I turned 18. Like you, I'm very well traveled. LOL.<br />
<br />
I consider my "home" to be Arizona, simply because that's where most of my English speaking family lives. The rest of it's predominantly in Germany, and I couldn't speak German to save my life.