Growing up in the air force was not always easy or fun. My big brother was born in Louisiana. I was born in Alabama and my younger brother was born in Japan. When my dad retired i had just finished 8th grade. Had been to 6 different schools in 4 different countries. It wasnt easy but we learned how to adjust to new suroundings and we were very good at getting base housing spotless in 2 days.
Because i am shy it was hard to make new friends but service brats understand that, and it helped. Leaving friends behind was the worst thing for me. After saying that i will now say that we got to go to places and see sights that non-service people never get to see. We traveled all over Europe and I did love that. I am not sure how many times my passport was stamped but it was a lot. At least 8 different countries and a bunch of times comming back to the states.
I could play foosball before anyone in the states knew what it was. I could put a turkish puzzle ring together behind my back and could cuss someome out in four languages.
I would not have chosen to live my early life like we did, but we didnt have a choice.

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56-60, M
Jan 9, 2013