Pretty Great Life

It seems funny now but I was starting high school before I realized that people stayed in the same town most of thier lives.  I thought everyone lived like we did.  We moved on average about every two years.  There was one year when we moved to three different states although high school was not too bad because we stayed for four years.

But, when I had my little epiphany, I felt kinda sorry for people who stayed put because they didn't get to see anything of the country or the rest of the world.  Plus, I now live in a very small community and can see where moving had it's advantages.  If you messed up it didn't matter as a military brat because you got new start in another town, another school.  It you lived like most people then you'd have to live down dumb stuff you did.  Around here they are still bringing up things people did 30 years ago and acting like the person never changed.

I really believe the childhood I had made me more open to change, new people, cultural customs, food, etc.  You either became outgoing (needed to make friends quickly) and learned to adapt or you had a really rough time of it.  Most of the other military brats all seemed to fall into the first category.  Kids are generally much more able to handle change than they are given credit for.

Peabody Peabody
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2 Responses Aug 20, 2007

Pretty amazing what we went through. I knew from an early age about being special with all the traveling. Every time we came "home" to see grandparents and family I was so jealous of my cousins because they all knew eachother, went to school together, etc etc...Now as an adult I realize that I did not miss out on anything. They do not get along any longer and I found out very interesting things about plans they would make for my visits, just say they were not very nice to me. Possibly the only thing I would change is spending more of the lost time with my grandparents and avoiding those mean cousins (turns out they were jealous of me....ha)

I completely agree with everything you said above.