Little Miss Different

4 me growing up its been soooooooo difficult. i have been trying 2 figure out who i really am. i know me just being 16 years old what the hell do i really know. my dad is African American. my mom is mixed with African American, native American and white. most of my life people have judged me because, of who i am. not 2 long ago someone called me raciest because of the music i listen 2. most people can jsut figure it out the im mixed with something beacuse of my hair. once people try and get 2 know me people judge because of who i am. sometimes its because, of the music i listen or because they think im stuck up or something. even from my own family cousins think im weird or something. they expect 4 me 2 listen 2 hip hop when i listen 2 pop and rock. i just wish 4 people just 2 expect me 4 who i am that all

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2 Responses Oct 13, 2008

Check out the flyer on my page. You could be the right fit for a documentary.

It gets easier as you get older. Although people will still judge you, you won't be as powerless as you are when you are a teen. I'm 36 years old at this point and although my past still haunts me sometimes, I never have problems now like I had when I was a teen.<br />
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I hope this makes you feel a little better, msg me if you want to talk more.