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I was raised in a strict Pentecostal Church. It was all about the fear of going to hell. Whatever you did you could go to hell for doing it. And do not question the bible. That was a biggie!!!! I wondered as a 10 year old who Cain and Abel married since their parents were the first 2 people on earth. Was it their mom they multiplied with?? So we are to believe that we will spend eternity in hell because Eve ate an apple? That is very harsh punishment. Just punish her then! This book was written many,many years ago by man....translated by man. Is it possible that man translated some of it wrong?
Tarkus Tarkus
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Playing devils advocate (not the best term sorry) but the flipside to the bible being questioned because it is written by man, is that if God inspired man to write the bible how could it be questioned as we cannot disprove it. This is why I have a dilema I feel like I can argue both sides, ergh...

Thanks for your comment! You hit the nail on the head with the guilt part.<br />
It was like an emotional roller coaster every week. I finally got off the organized religion ride.

Absolutely, the Bible is not full proof. There have been many scientific experts refute many parts of the bible. Most "religious" folks do not want to hear it, believe it, or let alone ackowledge it. <br />
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I was also brought up in a very strict Catholic home. Sin & you're going straight to h***. You have confession in the catholic fate but the guilt is always there. It's a terrible shameful feeling. It takes maturity and time to get through it. <br />
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One aspect that helped me was that Jesus died for our sins. We are fogiven. That was powerful for me.<br />
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There are so many questions about the stories in the bible. You do have to wonder who they co-created with. UGH! One final point I want to make is that there is no mention of an apple in the bible! Check it out!