My Room Was Where I Always Was.

Growing up my father was almost always at work.(He was overworked and underpaid!) He was an achoholic who would have occaisonal flashbacks and sometimes get aggresive. My mother was lazy and just watched t.v. at night and slept during the day. My brother was physically abusive and would take all his frustration out on me. My grandmother thought that since she went to church she coul judge everyone and just throw ''I hate them'' around like it was everyday conversation. I would lock myself up in my room and listen to music. I played video games also. When I became a teen I was rebelious and wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything in school. I skipped so much. I had alot of school promblems that wouldn't have went as far as they did if I would have had someone to talk to to get things off my chest. Almost all the rest of my relatives would only show up when they needed money. Occaisonally they would just visit but it always lead to a fight. To this day I really don't speak to anyone in my family. After my parents I took care of both my parents while they were on hospice care I lost all contact with all of the rest who I never really knew anyway. My brother and I had a huge fight over money. My husband and I were looking at being homeless and he told me that he would have a check for 4000, from when our house got sold off. He told me he would give me 2000 of it. I was happy with that and said it id needed. However my husband found out that my brother was abusive to me and he yelled at my brother for it. Then he also beat him up when my brother said he wouldn't give us the money that he promised. Then he shows up in Vegas and says he is going to force me to go back with him to Pennsylvania. That's when my hubby just barely lifted a finger and kicked his ***. I must say I was a little happy. All those years of painfull abusive and now he was on the recieving end. My husband was abused severly as a child also, so that made matters worse. My brother blocked me on facebook after that and I must say I don't even care. I am actually happy not speaking with any one of them.
Tara277 Tara277
31-35, F
May 23, 2012