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Playing Naked With My Sisters

My sisters and I used to walk around the house naked all the time when we were growing up. My parents were originally from East Europe, and considered nudity to be normal in young children, especially around the middle of the year. In the full heat of summer, we used to play naked under the sprinkler, usually in the back yard, but sometimes out front if our Dad was working on the lawn.

We had relatives living in our neighborhood, so when our cousins came over, they'd often join us too, running around nude or in their panties. It was the same whenever we'd drop in to visit our uncles and aunts; if the day was sultry, the clothes would come off and we'd all be chasing each other through the house bare bottomed naked. Looking back now, I think its a pity that kids aren't allowed to be kids any more.

My folks only started insisting we cover up after we reached puberty, although they weren't particularly strict about that, just telling us to put on some underwear if it was warm. When we were home alone with Mom, she let us go bare, but if there was a knock on the door we had to run upstairs (usually giggling with enbarrassment if the visitor saw us through the fly screen).

As the middle girl of the family, I had a slightly more rebellious nature than my sisters, and would often test the limits to get attention. For example, if there were visitors in the living room, I'd always find an "excuse" to come downstairs in my panties or less. One time when I was about twelve, Mom sent me upstairs to take a shower while some relatives were over for dinner. After about five minutes, I noticed we were out of shampoo, so I dried myself off and ran naked down to the living room to ask Mom if we had any more. I still giggle when I think about some of the tricks I played back then, although my Mother was rarely, if ever, amused.

In the present day, I'm a single mom with a young daughter, so I only go bare when she's at school. I never saw my parents naked when I was her age, so I've followed their example in raising my own child. I guess that karma cuts both ways: whenever we visit her grandmother, Mom brings out the photo albums and embarrasses me with stories from my misspent youth. I think it's pay back for all the nudie-stunts I pulled when I was a kid :D ;D
KristyLeigh02 KristyLeigh02 26-30, F 3 Responses Jul 26, 2011

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You're a charming woman.

I grew up in a clothing op home, my sister and I got to go naked from very young, we watched each other enter into puberty and beyond. My mom was topless alot of the time during the summer. Many times on a warm Sunday morning my dad would sit naked on the patio and read the paper.

Loved reading your story :) Would like to hear more of what you got up to naked!