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Nudity, Sex And ************

My parents have occasional sex parties in the house.
Usually it's when me and my siblings are busy or away.
But i remember when i was around 18 years old and i was at home.
I was supposed to be going to a party but it got canceled so i had to stay home and my siblings went out.
Anyway, i was watching tv and within an hour the house was filled with people 'getting it on'.

I didn't mind though, my family are very open and i was used to it I am a nudist with a nice shaved ***** and at the time had I had an airstip here is a pix of me when I was 18.

I went to the kitchen for a drink. There were a couple on the table *******. and another couple doing it bent over the sink.
I got a glass and said "excuse me" and lent over for a drink.

When i finished i went to the bathroom but it was full. so i just decided to go out in the garden and peed.

I went back to the living room but now people were in there and **** was on the tv.


I went into the end table and pulled aout a big vibrationg didlodo
I just decided to sit down and watch everyone and I was getting very horny so I stared to **** my self with the *****

Eventually it got late and i was tired so i was going to go to bed.
I went to go upstairs and my parents were having sex on the stairs.
My mom said "hey honey having a nice time" and smiled. So i smiled back and scooted past them.
I went to my bedroom but there was a ********* going on on my bed.
I politely waited until they left. The 2 of them left (a man and woman) but 1 of the men still sat on my bed ************, he obviously hadn't finished yet.
So i smiled. And he winked at me.
So i thought what the heck, and i had sex with him.
After he finished he said thanks and left.
Then i went to sleep.

hayall hayall 26-30 26 Responses Aug 7, 2011

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I often have sex parties at my place and my kids love joining in

Would love to get to know you, sounds like you are a fun loving girl. Can you add me also

Your beautiful with lovely perky titts

A great sexy story. That's great that you grew up in a very open family environment.

Great life

Hot sexy beautiful ,

this girl is so ******* hot

You are beautiful and that is such a sexy story. I hope it's true.

You're incredibly beautiful and i love the story and keep posting about more experiences. Its so nice to know abt you honey..

Beautiful girl

I see that u r open about sex. Did u have sex with your father while your mom watched

What a different lifestyle, very interesting. Great story, thanks. You are very cute, your smile is very engaging and your boobs and nipples are perfect!


want you xxx

You are super hot on this photo ;)<br />
Fun story ;)

Beautiful story and you are a turn on sexy girl.

You are a very beautiful girl and very lovely, polite too! Your parents raised you well. Thanks for sharing!

Honey, you are georgous.......what a wonderful lifestyle ;)

awesome story! love it. and wow love your pic to. u r very hot! u r lucky to have a family like that

Great picture who took it

Wonderful story. Free and open sex and nudity is one of lifes gifts to be enjoyed and to delight. My first sexual experiences were with an older woman who lived next door. She taught me the delights of sexuality, ************ and nudity. While my parents were somewhat prudish this lady was anything but. She was a wonderful teacher who I loved dearly

i enjoyed your story - - and loved your picture!

i enjoyed your story - - and loved your picture!

if i was a nudist like you i'd do your habits as well :)

WOW!!!....Awesome pic...Love those breasts and would love to see more and read more about your sexual escapades. I discovered my parents were swingers....swapped with one of my aunts and uncles and a cousin and his wife....but never thought about joining in, preferred to just watch. PLEASE add me as a friend...

Loved reading your story, would love to meet someone as easy going as you are. You're very cute too. Love your pic.