I Grew Up In A Haunted House

For her tenth birthday, my sister got a quija board from a friend.  This was before "The Exorcist" came out.  We just thought it was a game.  My sister, my mother, and I sat around and played with it.   My father had died about a year and half before.  So we asked it if my dad had gone to heaven.  It said no.  We asked it a few other questions I don't remember then put it away.  From then on, we experienced all kinds of weird things in the house, but nothing scary:

- The bathroom door would lock from the inside when no one was in it.  It was impossible to lock it that way unless someone was in there.

- My sister experienced most of the activity; something would sit on her bed, she'd hear her name, she'd see a shadow.  She experienced things that the rest of us never saw.

- My oldest brother would hear noises and voices.

- My youngest brother was sleeping on the couch in the den one night.  He heard someone come through the kitchen door.  He looked up to see who it was, and he saw a shadow person coming slowly towards him.  It wasn't black though; my brother said it looked like it was made of a piece of starry night sky.  Dark blue and full of bright stars.  It stopped in front of him and leaned against the tv with it's arms folded and watched my brother who covered his head and waited for it to go away.

- I only experienced vivid dreams and sleep paralysis.  Many of these dreams would happen when no one else was home.  

- My mother was walking across the large den, no furniture around her, when she suddenly felt something hit her as hard as it could across the back of her calves.  She said it felt like it could have been a bat.  She got bruises on both legs that matched.  

- Our nephew, who was born many years after my father died, saw our father in the hallway.  My nephew said he watched him for a while, then "he just sprinkled away."

- Every time a baby or animal came into our home, they would stare at the same spot on the ceiling. 

- Over 20 years after my father died, my mother died in that house.  My sister was still living there.  A few years later the house flooded and became uninhabitable.  Another nephew and his girl friend lived there for a while without electricity or water.  They were working a lot and would just sleep there.  The girlfriend said my mother would come to her in her sleep and get very angry and tell her to get out of her house.  They had to camp out in a tent outside it got so bad.

Something else that's hard to explain; it seemed as if there was more than one entity, and I always got the feeling they were trying or even planning to do daring, scary things, but they didn't have any follow-through.  They'd start something, then just leave it undone.  I think they were incompetent, lazy demons.  My family thought it was my father, but I don't think so.  

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it sounds like such,sometimes i think demons/entity's want to test us some times to see how in tune we are.,<br />
<br />
i saw a spirit walking out of a neighboring hous then begin to cross the road,<br />
it looked lik it twas on all fours,i thout so much it may of been just a dog but it twas to big and as i watched it dissapeared,im very much into the paranormal so i invited the spirit to contact me,<br />
<br />
well that nite aroun 3am i heard a the sound of footsteps walking to out front door,then the sound of something falling over i quickly walked otside to hav a look yet it twas no human form.,i stood ther just watchin but it had spooked and left.,<br />
<br />
i guess this has no point other then i understand wot you feel etc.,<br />
<br />
im lucky enouf to see spirits and other shadow people.,<br />
but with Ouija boards they can be a dangerous if we dont knw how to close the doorways to the other side.<br />
<br />
i learn t from a very bad experience vat im glad is over lol,,