I Used To Live In A House That Was Haunted

ok well i have had a few personal experience.

When i was about 12 i used to live in this house were creepy things would always happen to me.

One time i was in my room playing with my new game console and i was home with my babysitter and my little sister. It was after school and my pdler sister was on a field trip. I was playing with my little sister and i was gonna get a drink and when i put pause i heard the voice of my older sister say " jr tennesee plz help me!" i was so scared i ran out side of my room and i didnt go back in. me and my little sister both heard this.

Another time i it was the middle of the night and me and my older sister were  watching tv and i had to go to the restroom. The restroom is right across the hall from my sisters room. well i opened the door slowly and walked to the restroom i looked down the hall and i saw a pale white girl with half of her face red come out of the door down the hall and come straight at me i ran back into my sisters room and hid under the covers and i had told her what happend from then on when ever i went to the restroom i always closed my eyes and never looked down the hall.

Another story was during the day, it was after school and my brothers girlfriend called and asked to speak with him i was in my sisters room so i went down the hall and i saw (what i thought to be my brother) come from the front door and walk past me very quickly i yelled out his name and i folowed him into the kitchen and when i went into the kitchen i couldnt find him so i asked my sister to ask where he was and i told them that i saw him going into the kitchen then they told me that he had been down the streets with his friends all the time i was so scared.

Another story was when my mom and my sisters went to get there hair done and i was in the living room on the computer waiting for my dad to come home. I was on the computer and it was quiet, then i suddenly heard the faucet dripping water from the kitchen and i could hear wet footsteps coming towards me. I ran outside and waited for my dad

The other story i remember was when i went to the restroom one day i was in there peeing and then i heard a little girl just whispered  "hi" in like a fading voice i was so scared i ran out XD.

Well yea those are my experiences. Hope u enjoyed em. I was so happy when we moved a couple of years ago. Ive never had another ghost encounter since.


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Very strange

I have had and still do have hauntings. I think one is from my dead brother.