It Has Advantages & Disadvantages.

I grew up in a small city off the coast of Massachusetts. It's actually an island. Growing up here was tough because your business was everyone else's business. It was almost considered a rite of passage to have a rumor spread about you. I went through elementary & middle school struggling to keep a good head on my shoulders, but I also lost trust in people. I was betrayed in the 6th grade & everyone knew the story [or at least they thought they did] & I lost ALL my friends, but they were eventually gained back by the end of middle school because everyone found out I was leaving. I went to a Tech school rather than my city's high school. Nobody knew me there, except the other people from my city who went. I met my boyfriend there, I met a lot of awesome people. They all knew me as Heather, they never had any bias against me. But the advantages to living in my city is all the water & you know everyone & their reputation [which could also be a disadvantage]. So living in a small town, for me, was more of a disadvantage but I think I can manage a few more years here, especially now that I don't attend my local high school.

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Far better to be born there than to move into one and be an outsider like i was--and am--YIKES!!!

i think most small towns are like that rife with gossip, but if you can get past that, and look more at the communtiy spirit i dont think there such bad places to be, although since growing up i have lived in a few villages and i find they are nicer than the small towns more community and a little less false rumors, as the rumors dont have so far, to go, and thus not so far to grow lol. thanks for sharing your story hun. xxx