Former Foster Child Inspiration

I am searching for foster parents, adoptive parents, and former foster children to share inspirational stories of their success after foster care. The goal is to provide a collection of stories that provide hope to current foster children and foster parents while easing the fears of potential foster/adoptive parents. If you have a story you could share, please contact me
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I have a story but I would not say that it would do what you are hoping.

plz consider reading my book

I was born to a poor disabled mother and my father was a drug addict and an alcoholic. I am a victim of the system, a social outcast from birth who has wandered from one “home” to the next never feeling as if I belonged in any of them. Only a couple of days after I was born I had a surgery to correct a medical condition. I almost died. This would later cause me to have further medical problems, seizures and swelling as an adult. My mother struggled to get around due to dependency on a wheelchair and crutches. She was discriminated against for jobs because she could not do physical labor or any job that required being on your feet all day. When my mother was pregnant with me my father was already doing drugs; by the time I was born he was already in jail.


sorry it took me so long to reply I don't get on this site often