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i was 8 in 1990 so the 1990's are where i got my education from, i used to love all the old school rap, dodgy haricuts - who can forget the step and the undercut. used to smoke cigarettes on the sly and drink loads of stolen hooch, yup the ninties - great

Donalh Donalh
22-25, M
1 Response Mar 28, 2008

the 90's was the decade of teenage pregnancy, suicide, and drug overdose. my older brother used to huff gas, on top of all the acid, speed, perscription medication and pot. not to mention the alcohol. wow, he really destroyed his mind. and so did so many other kids in the 90's. it was like the rampant drug use of the 70's with the hardness of drugs of the 80's and a culture based on depression. we were the generation of goth after all.