Growing Up In The 90's Was Awesome!!!

I was born in 1988 so I got to enjoy the 90's. I'm sure in some aspects it was no better then, than it is now, but as a child in the era it seemed as if life was more simple and people were more at peace then. I miss those good ole days :)
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Im sorry for hijacking your story by the way. I got carried away describing my "perfect girl" lol I guess maybe those 5 years made me notice the beginning of the nineties more then you. What was your style?

Lol that is okay, in the 90's I was dressed and styled by my mother, but I was really into wrestling then I was the only girl among 3 boys and I guess I was kind of a tomboy in the 90's up until I was 13.

That was usually the type of girls I hung out with. My best friend growing up was a girl and she had no problem hanging out with all the guys. Most of the girls that lived around us were like tomboys bit we lived in the middle of nowhere so none of us had a huge selection of kids to hang out with.

I miss them too:(

Those were the good days :(

They really were, I miss the fashion. I liked the way girls dressed and I miss wearing my faded Metallica tee shirts and boots every day and it being the style. I was born in 83 so im not too much older then you.

That was a cool look :)

Heck yea, I cool! Haha I was in a band too so I'd be carrying my drum sticks like a cool guy. I think I got the early nineties though with the fashion. Even with what I thought was the most attractive on girls. My favorite was like what Buffy wore on like the movie, the original Buffy the Vampire slayer. I liked the girls who wore like an unbuttoned short sleeve flannel shirt (one for girls, not guys) with a white tank top underneath jean shorts with like the Doc Martens and the big white socks

Oh yeah I remember that, my brother was in love with buffy lol

Oh me too haha.

Lol I believe all boys back then were

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