You Know You Grew Up In the 90's When....

You've ever ended a sentence with the word "PSYCHE!"

You can sing the rap to "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air"

You know that "WOAH" comes from Joey from "Blossom" and that "How Rude!" comes from Stephanie from "Full House"

You remember when it was actually worth getting up early
on a Saturday to watch cartoons.

You got super excited when it was Oregon Trail day in computer class at school.

You remember reading "Goosebumps"

You were there for the Yo-Yo craze and had to have the Bumble Bee

You know the profound meaning of "Wax on, wax off"

You took plastic cartoon lunch boxes to school.

You remember the craze then the banning of slap bracelets and slam books.

You still get the urge to say "NOT" after (almost) every sentence...Not...

You knew that Kimberly, the pink ranger, and Tommy, the white Ranger were meant to be together.

You remember "I've fallen and I can't get up"

You remember going to the skating rink before there were inline skates

You ever got injured on a Slip 'n' Slide

You remember when almost every guy owned a skateboard and the video game tony hawk.

You wore socks over leggings scrunched down

" Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack, all dressed in black, black, black, with silver buttons, buttons, buttons, all down her back, back, back" SHE ASKED HER MOTHER MOTHER MOTHER FOR FIFTY CENTS CENTS CENTS TO SEE THE ELEPHANTS ELEPHANTS ELEPHANTS JUMP OVER THE FENCE THE FENCE THE FENCE"
he jumped so high high high he touched the sky sky sky and he didnt come back back back til the forth of july ly ly he jumped so low ow ow he stumbed he's toe oe oe and thats the end end end of the elephants show ow ow...

You remember boom boxes vs. cd players

You knew what it meant to say "Care Bear Stare"

You remember Alf, the little brown alien from Melmac and Vicki the Robot from "Small Wonders"

You remember New Kids on The Block when they were cool

You knew all the characters names and their life stories on "Saved By The Bell"

You played and or collected "Pogs" and had to have the best "slammer"

You used to pretend to be a MIGHTY MORPHIN Power Ranger and you owned a Skip It

You had at least one GigaPet, Tomagochi, or Nano and brought it everywhere

You knew how to whistle the theme song of Doug

You always wore everything shorts (and a long-sleeve shirt tied around your waist)

You thought Clinton was the man.

You always wanted to buy one of those new cd players.

You watched the original Care Bears, and Ninja Turtles.

You remember when the new Beanie Babies were always sold out.

You remember a time before the WB.

You've gotten creeped out by "Are You Afraid of the Dark?"

You thought it would be so cool to be Alex Mack.

You know the Macarena by heart.

"Talk to the hand" ... enough said

"First the worst... Second the best.. Third the one in the TREASURE CHEST!"

You always said, "Then why don't you marry it!"

and best of all you remember the computers with black screens and green letters.

Ashley868 Ashley868
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7 Responses Mar 8, 2009

I can't watch the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and not rap along to the theme song lol.

I used to die every time I played Oregon Trail, but oh was it worth it :)

Ashley, this is great! Thanks for the ride through the 90's!

OREGON TRAIL!! And I quite often wore socks over leggings scrunched down. This is a *great* list! (not...) hee, hee

Oh man! Remember when Prince of Persia was a computer game? I could never leap well, I'd always fall into the spikes. Along with Doug, I used to watch Rugrats and Ren and Stimpy. Snick...I missed Snick with that show Roundhouse. Ewww...and I remember the shirt and leggings styles back then. Neon bongo shorts. Baby dolls and chokers. Daisies everywhere on outfits. Combat boots with dresses (oh I did that, lol). Oh we used to get so crazy with Miss Mary Mack, ha ha! And there were all those clapping games you'd do with a friend. Thumb wars, slaps, punch buggie.<br />
<br />
Wow. That just brought me back and threw me forward into feeling old! Ha! Great list. : D

Nice list! It's true It was actually worth getting up early<br />
on a Saturday to watch cartoons, all the 90s cartoons were the best! Down they have gone all down hill!

lol, i was around for about 5 years of the 90s and I know most of these things(: the talk to the hand is still around,...and I still say NOT after lots of my sentences, lol, but its:<br />
"Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack, all dressed in black, black, black, with silver buttons, buttons, buttons, all down her back, back, back,. She asked her mother, mother, mother, for fifty cents, cents, cents, to see the boys, boys, boys, pull down their pants, pants, pants..." lol