Back When I Was Happy...

I was born in 1992. 


I can remember from my childhood waking up every morning watching Nick Jr and then going to the park.

Putting on my clothes every afternoon - which consisted of jelly sandals and overalls - While riding to the mall to buy my millionth beenie baby (i still have ALL of them)

Later that afternoon we go over my friends house and all of us play Crash Bandicoot on the playstation. Then chill later on that day and watch "Rugrats", and later that night watch "ALL THAT".

That was then....

This is now....

Me staying at home all day because i have no friends and from that result i pop pills and drink vodka all day because im BORED>>

what has happened to me?

TheBlakkSheep TheBlakkSheep
18-21, F
Jun 29, 2009