I am writing it. It's taking me some time. I will post as I finish parts.


I was a run away from a small Oregon town called The Dalles, Wasco County to be more specific. I had family in Seattle, that’s where my mind was set to get to. It was a summer afternoon, my step father had decided I needed to be choked and have the wind knocked out of me, over something serious though, like I had a cup of cocoa without asking, I don’t really remember the why, I do remember the what happened.  This seemed in my mind to be about a daily event when ever my mother wasn’t around. Believe me I lived in constant fear of this man. I also had an aunt that had been sleeping with me. I know sick, believe me I have recovered from both, well 3 family members as you will see in a few. The aunt had been sleeping with me for quite a while this of course had my mind all messed up. I did have the attitude I was grown, she also gave me beer and pot. That and at 8 I spent the summer with my Bio fathers parents, my Grand parents. I asked why I didn’t have my dad. To which a story of infidelity and abuse was told to me. I went home after that summer with an attitude I admit. It just wasn’t fare that my step brothers had a dad, and I didn’t because of their bad behavior. This is when the physical beatings from the step father started; he was going to beat the pain I felt out of me I guess. So you see there was this sick life of mine set in motion, it was truly down hill from there.

He let go of my throat and said, I wish you would just get the hell out of my house. To that I inched to the sliding glass door, when I got close enough I bolted out the door, he stood there yelling for me to get my *** back there. I didn’t even turn around. Now you know of the last day I spent in my family’s home as a kid. I hit the canyon and was gone. I spent the night under the walk bridge behind the public swimming pool, it happened to be next to the freeway. As soon as the sun came up I ran to the freeway stuck my thumb out for about 3 minutes and a trucker pulled over and took me to Portland. I felt free, I do not remember being scared at all. This is where it starts to get ugly. He dropped me off at the 205 North exit. I stuck my thumb out again it wasn’t long and a guy in a light yellow Cadillac pulled over, he was late 40’s. I jumped in, started out normal enough; I guess who picks up 12 year olds? He asked if I smoked pot, I stepped right up and said yes. I remember, but I don’t remember the next couple days. I know we ended up in some hotel on the side of the freeway. I know I had drugs. I know it was wrong. It was a big blow to me as a person. Nothing I could do about it.

Anyway he dropped me off in Renton at a mall. I made it, I was messed up. I was there.

(will be continued)



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Looking forward to hear the continuation of your life story.

I am going to add to this this weekend. Been pretty busy this week.

would love to hear how your life story goes..