Poor As A Church Mouse

My family was very poor. My mom and dad were both born in the 20s. Both only got to about the 9th grade in school. We never had much. My dad was very handy and worked as a mechanic and then works in a retail store. My mom worked in manufacturing plants most all her life. She was very shy and religious, but my dad was very outgoing and flirty. Think I inherited that gene but hopefully not too many others. he left us for another woman when i was 6. My mom, brother , and sister had to move in with my grandparents, who didn't have a whole lot because my mom could not afford to stay in our house. After about three months my dad came back and I mom took him back. turned out later we found out that the woman my dad had left with had been traced down by her husband where they had gone to in Louisiana and she returned home.

My dad had a new job in Shreveport Louisiana and wanted us to all move down there. We did for about 1 and 1/2 year then returned to SC.

My dad was very unreliable with his support into the house. We always had a real hand to mouth existence. Our power was cut off multiple times because he did not pay the bill even when my mom gave him the money. I always had a very limited amount of clothes to wear because we did not have enough money to spend on them.

Surprisingly even tough we did not have much, we never went hungry and never felt like we suffered. But i did always know we were poor.

My dad had multiple affairs on my mom but didn't leave permanently until i was 15. I hardly saw him over the next 20 years until he passed away at 67 due to alcoholism and smoking. He never contributed a penny to our family after he left. My mom worked and supported us. still Poor as church mice but she was great and I love her. She has been gone almost 10 years now but I still think about her all the time.
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I am sorry to say this is all too common a family story. Mine had a couple of turns but i feel your story just the same. I love that through it all your mom never abandoned you kids. Peace & Love

thank you for the wonderful comment. I know my story is not a unique one. Many have come up this way and I am afraid many are going through it now as well. I hope they will have the blessings I have had in my life.