Had To Have A Ladder...

To see the poverty level. Somehow we always had food, and life didn't seem that bad, most of the time. But there were times, even as a kid, that I remember thinking how nice it would have been to have the kind of money some of my friends had. We used to play with sticks, or make our own toys alot. And I wore hand me down clothes most of my school years. The hand me down clothes wouldn't have been so bad, except that I was always under weight, and there was no one around me that was as small as I was. So my clothes were always much too big for me.
I am still not rich, but I vowed, when I got my first job at 17, never to want for anything, and that my children would always have whatever they needed.
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4 Responses Jul 26, 2010

I would much rather have a guy who knew how to wear his clothes, his style without having to look like one of Snoop Dog's crew. It's not what women or even girls in high school or college find appealing.

Well it was a very different world back in the seventies and such. I never thought that I would live long enough to see guys want to wear the baggy jeans half way down their rear so that they cant walk. There were a few days in highschool while i was walking through the hall carrying books and such between classes that I was really worried that I was going to loose my pants and it was so uncomfortable walking around that way

I had that also when I was in highschool. Thats when I grabed a pair of my dads jeans. thankfully by that time the length wasnt too bad but the waist was still too big he wore a 38. We made due with what we had then. I guess we would have fit in quite well with some of the youth today who aparently liked the way we dressed baggy jeans with holes only they buy them that way. Im sure you probley got comments once while like I did about the way we dress and stuff...

I certainly understand the clothing thing myself growing up all through school. In my case I was rather skinny. What few clothes I got the jeans came from my cousin an he wore Husky sizes so what usually happened you wore them if they fit around your waist but many times they were too short. Cause in my home if they weren;t too small to fit your waist you wore them.