Rearview Mirror

Looking backward, I always knew I was poor. My mom wasn't very stable and couldn't hold on to money. I learned early how to make a meal out of Tomato Soup and saltine crackers. Even though we didn't have much money, I was rich in other ways. When my parents split, my mom got their summer home. So I grew up on an island. And it was the best childhood anyone could ask for. Summer vacation was truly a vacation. I went to the beach everyday. I fished, clammed, crabbed and rode my bike. By the time I was 12, I started working at a diner. The skills I learned there help me now even 40 years later. I can still serve a table of six, carrying everything along my arms. I make the best red clam chowder around, and can still flip an egg over lightly without breaking the yolk. Hard work has never been a challenge. And I learned early on about responsibility. Always try to pay your bills on time. Don't get too deeply in to debt. Always keep tomato soup & saltines in the house!
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I'm a tomato soup & grilled cheese fan! But saltines are good too. :-) Growing up without, builds character doesn't it? Thank goodness as kids we're so busy enjoying each new day, we typically don't notice the lack of things that adults think we're "disadvantaged" without.<br />
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*toasts sandnsurf* Here's to poor childhoods and rich experiences!

Your story reminds me of my childhood. we also live near a beach and i do all the same things you do on the beach. Most of the time cook what we caught from the beach. Vegetable just go round the coner of the house.This is how we get lunch or dinner most of the time. Being the youngest boy of 2 sisters and 6 bothers i am always told to do everything from killing a chicken to arranging flowers for our altar. Then came national service where i also learn quite alot from the army.Nobody can take away our knowledge or skill we learned. Today here in Singapore we are surronded by concrete building and everything need money. Nothing is free. Sometime i wish i could turn the clock back.