I grew up poor, I dress in whatever is on sale. Besides, this was Las Vegas and it was hot outside. I had saved money and took vacation from work so I could party in sin city for my 21st birthday. One night while coming out of the club in one of the hotels, i passed by a high class jewelry store. A beautiful necklace, much like one I had seen in a childhood movie, was gleaming in the front display case. Squinting and pacing, I tried to see what the price said, but I couldn't see it. So I decided I would return the next day and find out. There I was, in my beat up jean mini shorts and VS beach blouse, and searched for the price. I still couldnt find it. I looked for an employee. A man in a tuxedo stood a few feet away. He had seen me come in, but had not aknowledged me, and continued to to look straight ahead. I asked him if he could tell me the price. At first he blinked like he was surprised/didnt register what I had said. Then he told me to wait a moment while he asked another employee. A woman in a fancy suit dress came and asked me if I needed help. I asked her for the price, she checked it and said the amount, it was soooo coslty, I forgot how much it was, but I think a new car would be cheaper than it was. I said it was very beautiful, and she mentioned what designer made it, etc. Well, I felt pretty embarassed for coming in asking, I was clearly a fish out of water in this place. So, I said the stupidest thing to cover up my embarassment. I told her I would "wait on it" and "try purchasing it online". She just nodded and smiled, but i'm sure she was thinking in her mind:Ya....RIGHT!!!! what a joke, this girl is pathetic!. Looking back, I still laugh and can't believe I said that.
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haha cute

You are lucky someone attended to you. When i was in Hong Kong a few years back nobody and even give me funny looks when i walk into a Amani Shop wearing shorts and T shirts. Well this is what your story reminds me of. i guess is all pure fun. There is all kind of people in this world we live in call Earth. To me so long as we are not doing anything wrong what is there to worry about.