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I'm hesitant to share anything too personal about my up-bringing..i'm still a lil sensitive about it to be honest. But yes, there were many times when the bills couldn't get paid and my sisters and i were without electric and even hot water. We used candles and flashlights for weeks at a time and once even months = / it was very sad. Kids were so mean and they would crack jokes about my hand-me-down-clothes and my uncombed hair(until they realized i'd beat them up) lol...the cold showers were the worst. Or maybe it was having all of our belongings put out on the street. Yea, that pink-or sometimes orange- eviction notice was all too familiar by the time i was 17. But i'm 20 now and i am no longer paying for my parents mistakes = ) Praise God for peace and prosperity!
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I have a similar story. I have been amazed at how often my parent's situation does come back to haunt me, such as co-signing for my first house. There have definitely been good times and skill benefits from growing up poor but, I wish more people would share the part of irresponsible parents affecting our lives. It would give continued encouragement to those of us that scrape, scramble, fall and keep getting up to finally be somewhat rewarded for our own efforts and results

I love the last thing you wrote, "Praise God for peace and prosperity!" I don't know you, but I'm extremely proud of you! I love reading about how people made it through hard times, and your times weren't just hard, they seemed devistating. I'm glad you shared this.

=D you just made my day! Thanks so much Blu..Really *hug

I'm glad you are in better financial standing these days! I was not raised poor but have been poor for the past 25 years...ever since I was around your age now. I have high hopes of getting a decent job one of these decades lol...and not being so poor anymore!