Dirt Poor

As the child of a single mother who worked at a gas station, we never had any money. I grew up in a 2 bedroom mobile unit in Montana. We had one couch that she got in the early 90s on the side of the road. Our beds and mattresses were from Goodwill, we ate on (and reused) plastic plates, and we ate whatever we could get at Walmart or whatever snacks she brought home from the gas station. Whatever other money we had she spent on booze and cigarettes. But the good thing about growing up with nothing is it's easy to run away with nothing.

When she was in the hospital a lawyer talked with me about her estate. I knew she was badly in debt, and I was terrified her debt would transfer to me when she died. Luckily it won't, but she has no estate to speak of. I'm going through all her possessions, and she had plenty of dollar store trinkets, and a ton of hiding spots for booze and cigs around the house. She smoked and drank her way into an early death, and spent all her money for the luxury of it.
cosmicspeck cosmicspeck
22-25, F
May 4, 2012