I Dont Understand

I grew up poor yes i am one of 11 children mom and dad worked hard sent us to school tried to provide for us always told us anything is posable I remember growing up and wanting out there had to be more I HATED BEING POOR we all did my parents where very religious (it didnt stick with any of us really) but we ALL grew up and made good in are own way I have a brother who joined the army made a career of it a sister that is lawyer another brother owns a insurance company, a chef, an engineer, so on and so forth we were givin nothing but a sence of hope to never give in we work hard help each other suceed and give back to are comunittee my parents live in a big house over looking the ocean that we gave them grew up poor but will not die that way is the family motto there is always a way to get out you just have to believe and NEVER quit some of us didnt get there till late some got there early some are very wealthy some just dont have to worry I am 41 and am buying my 18th house my father didnt have his own first one till he was 68
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1 Response May 5, 2012

wow how inspirational. i toogrew up dirt poor never went to college but am by no means unintelligent.still my head is not above water. i have worked very hard all my life i guess i came into this world poor and will go out the same i am happy 4 your sucess though