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We were never poor. Mum and dad always had a roof over our heads, fed us and clothed us, kept us warm in winter and we usually had a one week holiday in the summer but money was tight. At Christmas myself and my brother would work out what out of the things we wanted mum and dad could afford and ask for those first. The year I got my tv I was 19 all my class mates got theirs in their mid teens. My brother had a music system he was 13 at the time. When we realised what we had been given we both looked at each other and said how did they manage that.
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Hmm, that all sounds very familiar. I had second-hand or hand-me-down Christmas present nearly every year, since we had very little to spare. <br />
It got worse when my dad died and mum had to take in students to survive, but we managed. She remarried but we seemed to be just as poor as before, until we started to get jobs and then leave home. I expect that feeding and clothing 4 kids was all they could manage, nothing left over for luxuries.<br />
We had no holidays unless they were in other relatives homes, when they were away on holiday. The one bright bit was that living in a seaside town, we could always cycle to the beach for nothing!

Ex best friend now lives in Cromer by the sea. If I could have a house by the sea I would be very happy. I still do not know how mum and dad paid for our holidays. We did two holidays on the Norfolk Broads, two in Derbyshire, One in Yorkshire, one in York, Two at cambersands, Two in Devon one in North Devon and one SOuth and one in Christchurch in Dorset. But personally I have not had a holiday since 1992 due to circumstances.

they nly reason ihad any hting wasi was working from age 8 in a gas station and noone ask how much i was making or it would have been used for my sister just like my school bank account till age 12 when i moved out