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I Grew Up Poor So What !!!!

when i was 5 years old, we used to live with our relatives my father don't have a permanent job that time, our house is empty we don't have a single piece of furniture at our house only our clothes on a box.. i remember my older brother and i used to watch TV at our relatives but every time we enter their house to watch some cartoons they switch it off, so we just leave...our relatives criticize what food we eat.. telling that it was food for the goats but we never mind as long as we eat.. i remember eating only once a day, sometimes we don't eat all we just sleep so that we won't feel the hunger.. and my mother would tell a story telling us everything will be alright.. and we will laugh while telling stories of the food we want to eat or the places we want to go and we sleep happily...

when i was at my elementary days my family used to live well, my father really do his best to fulfill our needs..those are the times when our family used to go the cinemas together, picnics, swimming, vacations and family outing.. my father had a very good salary we really had some money that time to buy what we like even if we don't need that thing.. but during my high school days my father lost his job so we started living again poorly.. i used to go to school with only 25 pesos as allowance it's only enough for the fare just to go to school,, so i don't eat recess i used to go to the comfort room during break time so that nobody would see me not buying any food for myself that time the comfort room is my bestfriend its my hidden paradise hahaha... when i started college my parents got separated for about a year so i need stop to look after my younger siblings, i used to be their mother that time, i washed their clothes, cook for them, in short i take care of them.. till my mother decide to be with my father again.. then i begin to go to college again,it was really tough sometimes i can't go to school cause i don't have money for transportation.. i remember i had only 50 pesos as allowance but i survive, i graduated thanks to the scholarship and my friends who help me all the way through college...
Even though i live a poor life i am still happy with everything that God has given me, for the wonderful family that support me all the time.. no one can say that i was not happy on the way how i lived my life. i always consider that i lived a very happy life.. i try to find beauty on all the simple things in every person i met.. just being here alive makes me happy and thankful that i have come to experience the taste of earth...i always say to myself that being rich doesn't mean you are happy but it's how you view life and its wonder that will make you happy...

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im not contented with my life,, but when i read ur story, i started to appreciate what i have & i realize im so lucky,, thank u for sharing it:-)

Aww-w-w Such a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing.^^