I Am Poor

My father was an army man he married my mother, and they had me, by the time I was two he was gone, I dont even know if the marriage lasted longer than that, he was not around, my mother struggled with three us. My sister and my brother. my mother she worked hard and only had enough to pay the bills. Sometimes it was a choice between eating and paying the light bill. I am 37 now my mother died of cancer, I have a little girl her name is chanzes, I named her after a Bob marley song. I also have a son, that might not be my son. I have no education. I scheme and hustle my way through life. holding on to my faith. I once dreamed of being a scientist. I grew out of it and wanted to be a rap star. Perhaps my time passed me by. Sad because I am better than half these guys on T.v. i am staying in a hotel now that i pay for by the week. Surving off of my umenployment. I go with otu eating just so I can pay my bills. This is not the end for me. Despite it all the future looks bright I feel like my life is slipping by I am very bright. I very creative I have not had the chance to shine. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get my chance to live a normal life. I have not settled for this life. Reality is I am poor. I have seen a lot of things in my short time on earth. i just pray that I am able to care of my family. Just like my mother did for me.
drewz8000 drewz8000
Sep 23, 2012