My immediate family (mom and siblings...) was poor. I grew up wearing "hand-me-downs" and my sister and I didn't have many toys, just stuffed animals that cost a dollar. So, we had to make do with very little, growing up. But, it thought me the value of an dollar and the importance of hard work, and to not be so materialistic. I'm actually glad that we were poor, because it kept me for being spoiled and needing so many items in this life. 

Also, because we couldn't afford toys, I spent a lot of time in nature. Even collected rocks, as a child... do you know, I still have my rock collection from when I was a kid! lol. It sits in my bedroom. :-)

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3 Responses Jul 25, 2008

i love this! i am too lol i was a weird kid but watever i find nature more interesting... who needs all the money in the world?? those who are starving... who is helping them?? i hope things get better. i also looked at it in a "it could be worse" stand point

being materialistic is something ive never been too.being happy with what youve got makes you appreciate things more.

glad you were in good spirit about being in lack. It helps when you have a good attitude.