How do I talk to my Mum about Money without her getting too upset?

People who meet me would never suspect I've had the past I have. I'm English but living in Australia, so everyone thinks I have money and 'class' because of my accent. I hope I have class, but I most definitely have never had money.
Back in the UK I was the only child of a single parent. Things were occasionally tough, I remember in winter sometimes at night we'd sneak out with bags and shovel coal from other people's yards. I don't know why we lived like that, my Mum was a lecturer at a college. Yet we never, ever had money to do anything. She's just one of those people incapable of holding onto money. She is intelligent, interesting, educated, yet has somehow lived her entire life in an erratic, almost gypsy like way.
When we moved to Australia we moved between rental house to rental house. Eventually she met my step-Dad and we ended up moving to a big old farm house in the middle of nowhere (incredibly stupid because neither of them had any farming experience). They didn't even own the house yet my Step-Dad tried to start up a turkey farm.
Anyway, more chaos (and violence, but that's a different story) and after a few years we were kicked out of that place. So we ended up shifting between caravan parks... At one point my little brother, my Step Dad and myself were all living in one caravan together, covered in car parts and bits of rusty metal.
My Mum finally left him, and we are renting an actual house. But money still just vanishes. It gets eaten up. I get 260 a fortnight for studying, I pay 200 a fortnight in rent. And Mum still ends up 'borrowing' my remaining 60 pretty much every time, never to pay it back. I have nothing. I'm 20 and I literally have no money.
But what really annoys me is that my Dad sent over 700 dollars to me from the UK, to help out with uni. I hid it behind a photo frame in my room. When I went to get some about a week ago 500$ had gone. Of course I panicked and rushed to ask her if she had, and at first she said no. But then she started crying and saying she really needed it, she couldn't afford groceries or anything, and she was going to put it back in there hopefully before I noticed.
She always makes me feel so guilty. She still hasn't paid any back, or mentioned it. I don't think I'm ever going to get that money back, and I really needed to buy a laptop for studies. Does anyone have any advice on how to talk to her about it without her getting upset and crying?
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i similer prob like u... we are well stablish but have face many ups and down currently we are finencially disturb... my dad borrow money from me.... like 5ooo usa dollar.... i know he needed it and i know he couldnt paid it back right now.... or in future.... so i have stop asking for it...i really needed money in my buisnesss but i am not asking it coz i know he will get more tense..and dear dont ask for money right now from yr mom she is really in big trouble.... ammm life is hard strong get a extra job dear or wait for a while or ask your dad for more money if possible