I grew up been poor, how can I become a successful Man in life
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Have you ever considered joining the military ? If you join the Army they can give you 40k for joining and taking certain jobs or give you 60k tax free to use for college when you get out.

Any branch will train you in a skill, give you housing and free meals and you start making about 40k a year. The military may not be for everyone, but it is a good place to start for many people.

But don't buy into the argument that you have to have a 4 year degree to be successful. You can do quite well with a technical background in computers , or even as a plumber or electrician.

There are a lot of motivational books available. Many of them are free on SCRIBD. It is a free library source. Many of the books are 10,20, 30 years old but the message is the same.

Surround yourself with like minded, goal driven people. If your friends drink beer, smoke dope, talk smack and blame everyone else for their situation. ..find new friends.

If you make a list of your 5 closest friends, you will be the average of their IQ level and have the average of their income level and have the same goals and values. If yo don't like what you see, find some new friends and rise the average.

You can make it. I know you can, because you are already asking how to do it. You already have the motivation. Good Luck.

My spouse had similar upbringing working full time at 11 . Handing the check over weekly to his parents . This made him the man he is today . You can make a choice as his siblings have to stay that way or man up and stand tall . I personally respect the garbage man for all he does as everyone needs a job . Whatever you do to improve yourself will insure your future to be better and brighter . Besides my spouse only one other is not in poverty , I am talking three generations of trash . If you can say what you wrote you can make it ! Keep your head up and do what you must to make it better . I see the family now and they are in ill health , illiterate and seem to be fine just bitching ,But as you know that complaining won't get you the job !

Thanks alot GoodyTwoShoe