I Am a Reverse Snob

Yeah, I grew up poor... with a TON of dysfunction too.  Now, while I don't absolutely HAVE to be, I'm very frugal.  I just don't get how people HAVE to have the most expensive car, house, designer purse & shoes, etc.  Especially when it means going into credit card debt!  What is it they're trying to prove?  Shoooot, they have some FABULOUS purses down to the Goodwill, I am telling you!    I don't have a penny of credit card debt... pay it off every month, but I use my credit card for just about everything so I can collect points & get free gift cards & stuff.  I've gotten 2 boomboxes & countless Starbuck's, Best Buy, & gasoline cards, which I sometimes use as gifts.  I shop at discount joints & I'm a proud cheapskate.  Don't think the hubby minds it much either!

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Oh Child---maybe you live in my state! I get some mighty fine handbags from the Goodwill, including ones that retail for well over $200 new.

Wonderful story and comments. I don't think I own any clothing that is not from a thrift store except maybe my bras and underwear. I live in a State where you are either really rich or very poor. I belong to the latter. However, I feel rich - I have a beautiful healthy 6 year old, the ocean, fresh air and we grow a lot of our own food.<br />
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There is a real sense of freedom when you own little - nothing to lose.<br />
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One more thing - Last week, my son decided he really wanted to play soccer. We took the list of things required and started pricing everything - UGH - the local sporting goods store wanted over 300.00 for everything. We went to Salvation Army and found everything for 15.00. I guess I am a bit thankful to the rich kid who probably got new soccer gear every year and donated theirs. Looked brand new and my son was thrilled. How I love recycling.<br />
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Thanks again Vexedvixen for your thoughtful, intelligent story.

Haven't heard "Mountains o Things" but now I am going to have to search for it!

Well, I agree about the snobs. To me, it's not about materialism and "stuff", it's how kind and loving people are, and it's about having friends and caring. If you've ever heard Tracy Chapman's song, "Mountains o Things", that's pretty much how I feel about "stuff".

I totally agree. Call me a bit of a socialist but I wonder how some people sleep at night in their uncessesarily extravagant homes while there are kids on the streets right here in the US. I don't see the difference between a $20 pair of jeans and a $200 pair, other than it serves as a self-esteem booster for insecure shallow types.<br />
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I also don't like the attitude that many wealthy people have toward the poor, as if it is always their fault. They also don't realize how difficult it is to move up from the poverty level having no resources or education or social networks to assist you. Many poor people are ethical and hardworking and didn't do anything to "deserve" their lot in life.<br />
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This is especially frustrating when you see people in positions of power who landed it merely by birthright and are not necessarily the best person for the job based on ability or experience.