My mom & dad got separated when I was 7. My dad is sort of rich. Not RICH, but he's comfortable. He still lives in an apartment but that's b/c he wants to (his parents own it).

I moved to a ghetto area, in an OK town. But, the town is right next to a big & super bad city (it's been on the show Cops). So I was a few blocks away from one of the most dangerous cities in NJ.

Then I moved to a nicer town b/c the schools were bad in my old town.

I got bullied in that school, & eventually we couldn't afford it.

From Oct 2013-Jan 2014 I was homeless. I live in USA (NJ/NYC area), there's already too many people needing government assistance here, so we couldn't get it. All of the shelters around here are full.

My mom & I lived w/ my aunt for a little, but then she didn't want us to stay. She also didn't have the room (her friend & her 3 sons were already there, plus my aunt & my 3 cousins). My aunt lives almost 2 hours away, in NJ near PA. I live in NJ near NYC. So, it was almost impossible for me to go to school.

We stayed with my mom's "friend", but she was rude to us. She would get upset if we ate her food, but if we bought food she would say "You should be saving that money for an apartment!". She lives in my original town, so I was able to go to school a little. But, my mom works a lot, so it was hard for me to get a ride there. I usually take the school bus, but we couldn't ask the bus company to come to all of these towns. My best friends live here, though, so I hung out with them a lot.

Eventually my mom's best friend let us stay in her basement, & they were a lot nicer to us. Her friend helps poor people so she understood . My cats had to stay in a storage room, but we were able to bring them to my moms friends eventually. My dog stayed in my old apartment for a little (my landlord was nice) but we brought my dog with us, too. She lives like 45 minutes from my area/school, so I went to school about one day a week. ): But if it wasn't for her, I don't know where we would have gone...

Now we live in a city that's not great. It's not a big city, just a large urban town, so it's not that bad. The schools are really bad, though. Also, there's mostly just apartments, not houses.

I never really had a lot of money or a bunch of clothes growing up. I know some people have it worse boyfriends city is 1000 times worse than mine. I know some people don't even have food or clothing. But I guess all of this has taught me why it's important to work hard in school, go to college,& get a good job. (:
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Aug 23, 2014