Chicken Gizzards...

We were so poor we couldn't buy meat very often, when we could it was chicken gizzards and hearts. If we were really lucky we would get a summer sausage. We ate a lot of celery and carrots because they were cheap. Fortunatly peanut butter was cheap too. I don't regret or feel bad for my situation, it was what it was and made me who I am. I'm frugal and careful with money. I appreciate what I have and give to the needy when I can.
PHSensei PHSensei
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2 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Me to and me not Yes as far as money yes. As far as teh Love of my Grand Parents no. I was very rich that way.

Yes, me too (frugal & careful). I am grateful my own kids never had to wonder if the electricity or water might be shut off when they got home from school.