Summers were the worst for us. My dad worked at a produce company that, for some reason, wasn't in business in the summers. We used to go North to work in the fields. No matter how hard my parents tried, no matter how hard they worked to change things for us and give us a better life, they just couldn't. I remember not having enough money for a loaf of bread once. We ate peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches for weeks at at time one summer. I used to hate how some people were so picky about cafeteria food. I was just glad I had something to eat. Now I feel blessed to have a fridge full of food for my kids and a deep freezer in the garage full of meat and frozen Some people might feel proud to walk around with an expensive purse or drive a fancy car but fill my fridge and cupboards up and I'm just as snooty! Rich to me is having a selection of food for my kids to choose from for dinner.  Everytime I open my freezer and see all of that beautiful frozen chicken and's like heaven!lol I'm so grateful that my kids don't have to suffer what I had to suffer. Thanks to my husband.

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Nice share. I come from a poor background too, and in my case, it's my dad I have to thank, as well as my mom. They sacrificed much to give me a better life, and I am grateful every day.