I'm really shocked that my rate of growth is speeding up that fast after it first slowed down.
Check out my newest profile picture to understand what i mean. I bought that top 2 weeks ago and it fit, now look how great it "fits" now -.- sick of it
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If that avatar picture is really of you, then you have a very lovely figure. :D

You look fantastic- please add me would love to see more! x

I think you are really beauty, please add me

I love your stories. Please, add me!

Some women experience breast growth spurts right after puberty. You have surely been blessed :)

I'm really sorry you are going through this. I know it may seem conspicuous because I'm a guy, but I assure you, I mean it when I say no one should go through a development they see as nothing but a hindrance.

The new picture is nice

Love that form fitting black dress! Sucks that you're sick of it. Maybe you might have better luck this holiday season and find a suitable replacement. Looks hot on you in that pick though!

You look so beautiful though, let them babies grow, :-)

Don't let you get down because of that, you are so beautiful and you shouldn't let you get down because of your breast size.

have you found out what's causing them to grow? you look beautiful regardless, but I can see where you would be concerned for the sudden growth.

Feel bad for you.... it's stealing your youth and vibrance....

Have you thought about learning to sew and making your own clothes? In some ways it is not very practical, but at least you would get clothes that worked well for your body.

You should go to the doctor.

what is your size now?