I remember being a happy 6 year old,walking round Dublin with my dad. Things weren't that good between him and mum,and I only became aware of the arguments between them while sitting upstairs in my bedroom and having to hear them. I remember being bullied at school,and then my parents divorcing when I was 11. everything just moved so fast between then and now. I grew up way too fast. I discovered boys,I started hanging around with a crowd who really didn't want me to be there,I got 2 GCSE's at 15,I had my first proper boyfriend at 16,I left school,I went to sixth form,I lost my virginity at 18,I left college three weeks ago,and now i'm leaving to go back to Manchester,where Mum and Dad first met. It feels so bittersweet thinking about what's happened and how I began,and who I am now and going back to Manchester.

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I can only hope that this will lead you to find peace and contentment and joy. University years are usually th best for everyone, I hope they will be just as great and even better for you.

Yeah. So much has happened in 18 years and it's so frightening that I'll be 19 in a few months and finally able to do what I like away from my parents' watchful eyes at uni. <br />
But if I miss anything,it has to be the lack of carefreeness that I had when I was much younger than I am now,but there are still days where I can reflect back on the happy times and just stay with that moment without feeling bitter.