I guess it was before I could understand every single one of Louie's lewd jokes, but I loved this show and never missed it. I got the DVDs last year and found out it was actually very well written. IMHO it was certainly better than "Cheers". What's really weird is I had a bit of a crush on Alex.
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Aw! That's really true. Alex was really likeable. Latka was from some fictional country; I think the late great Andy Kaufman just made it up in his own head.

I loved Taxi too.I used to watch it when I was first married I think and loved all the characters <br />
<br />
Rev Jim was a complete one off-just such an amusing character-full of one liners of the most obscure kind.<br />
Alex was a very caring character so maybe thats why you liked him-very fair and just.<br />
There wa a Greek too,was it Latka or something like that.He was such a sweetie.Thanks for reminding me of the show,it was great!

Heh heh. Rev Jim was great.

What's CHEERS? Just kidding.

I liked this show too, Sage. I kind of liked the character, Reverend Jim. I didn't have a crush on him, but I thought he was hilarious. I was into Tony Danza, of course......(I think I just threw up in my mouth a little)....