Pokemon, Blues Clues, Other Stuff. Xd

Even though I'm 15, I still watch Pokemon. It played a HUGE part in my childhood. I remember living on my farmhouse, and my parents making bacon, and my waking up early to watch Misty battle with Staryu...I also remember the first movie, Mewtwo vrs. Mew. I would sit in my room with my 3 sisters, and watch it on the small tv in the dark while rain pounded on the windows. It had a cool effect since in the movie mewtwo created a rain storm. xD. I loved blues clues. I had blues Clues everything. I also had a huge Brazt phase, too. There was SOO many things I loved watching.. I also loved Ki-kis delivery service, Pebble and the penguin, Thumbilina, Anastasia..I would dance around in circles in my living room watching Mulan for 4th of july. xP. soo many memories! ^^<
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Pokemon was the show <3 for me lol

i am 18 and still like watching it

marry me? xDD