I Grew Up Watching This!! :-)

I used to enjoy watching, Bewitched, Lost in space and Land of the giants,. :-) Why can't we have more programmes like these any more!? they were great easy family viewing! especially on a cold winter's night! when they came home from school,  I used to put them on for my ''children '' to watch and they loved them, like i!! lol :-)

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I agree with you the reality shows are just stupid all of them . we have no talent any more in hollywood the crap they have on tv now . we need one more stupid reallity show I could scream ,big brother ,suriver bridezillas, it makes me want to take a bat to my tv but i payed too much for it lolol.

Thank you so much lunnas, :D for your feedback and comment,. Your so correct here i feel,. I too, could scream out loud with these reality shows! "I;m pretty bored with them"! to be truthful,. Nothing really to tax the mind or the imagination is there!? :D Thank you, my gorgeous for dropping in to see me! :D :D

neodeno!! thank you! yes! i think the Simpson's are really very funny, i like the "parts" where, Bart phones the bar and ask for people and he says the most funniest names lol i am in "stitches" lol<br />
My son and i used to sit and watch Sesame Street, that doesn't seem to be on these days, :-( My daughter, used to love watching Barny!! <br />
Wow! you have certainly brought back some memorable tv back to mind here, of course yes!! Abbot and Costello! Gilligans Island, my two when they were young were afraid of Scooby Doo! either my hubby or myself had to sit and watch it with them! lol Star Trek i absolutely loved that. i liked the "original" with William Shattner my all time favourite tv series that i forgot about though was Kung Foo! with the now sadly deceased David Carradine!! i used to love that show!,. <br />
I'm not to sure on that one, my friend! i can't recall McHales Navy!! But thank you! for sharing all these, my friend! i enjoyed reading them! and remmenising!! lol :-)

wiseowl, that's what i was thinking to! it is a lost treat nowadays! shame really! i used to love Jonathan Harris, who played the cowardly Dr Zachary Smith! i think he made "Lost in Space" worth watching!! lollollol ps my mother to! used to love him, lollollol thank you! "owlie" for your comment my friend!! :-)

amysangels!!, yes it is, my young friend!! lol :-) I to used to enjoy watching Little House on the Prairie, another family orientated series!! well done fabulous!! :-) thank you! for your comment also chicka!!! :-)

Oh!! yeah!! thank you! marshfieldjman, i to! used to enjoy watching Murphy Brown! thank you!! for commenting my friend!! :-)

gryfin!!!, long time no hear!! where have you been!??? Oh!! yes!!, my friend, you have hit the nail on the head (so to speak) thank you! for your feedback my friend! :-)


JJ!!, you must have been listening to me! here 25 mile down the road from you!! JImjam10!! ha!ha!ha! thank you! for commenting and thank you also for the link, my friend!! :-)

I watched those shows too. bewitched, and i dream of jeannie -- i liked anything with magic in it, and the latter had magic, and space exploration, what a great combo.<br />
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There are a lot more good cartoons these days than decent sitcoms with live actors. The whole family loves the simpsons. They have dirty jokes, but none of them are very overt, i think the kids would just miss most of them. the joke density is much higher than most comedies, which is why i like it, i can watch a simpsons several times and laugh at different jokes each time.<br />
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as a kid i loved, in approximate time order, sesame street and mr. rogers, then i got into old shows for a while, our gang, abbot & costello movies, etc, then gilligans island, scooby doo, and the brady bunch. later mash, oh, and through it all.... until they took the originals off the air, since i was just a couple years old ... i loved STAR TREK.<br />
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McHales Navy was a movie, comedy, dunno if there was a tv show. the movie was ok. saw it when i was a kid in my old movie fan phase, and then again probably 15 years later.

OM Gosh. I loved Lost in space..My Mom was the real #1 fan. We 3 kids watched HER crack up over the mean Dr. Zachary Smith. He was a coward and that was so funny when he cringed behind the children. Good family TV is a lost treat now days.

yeahhh i loved those shows

oh bewitched with samantha right? i loved that but they stopped showing it.. i remember watching ''little house in the prairie'' and sailormoon(cartoon) :)

yes loved those shows

I remember when i was a kid my mom and i watched Murphy Brown all the tme

It may be that people will again begin to embrace light hearted and inclusive forms of entertainment..instead of gathering in huge crowds to watch a few entertainers, perhaps, musicians will once again make music for people to dance to--and to sing along with. Magic and romance may return to the young people---hope and gladness.

Me and my friend where talking about this he other night, I liked the original Bewitched I think it was a series not a film that came on, on the weekends. thank heavens for youtube just to see them again and wikipedia where you can look up the episodes and the cast.<br />
this is the one I mean (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_Montgomery) ,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztwzFJuKBqU&feature=related she was nice to :-). and 254 episodes wow.

Oh! yes!! lol :-) Gilligan's Island lol :-) unsure about McHale's Navy though! :-( <br />
<br />
Thank you for commenting hon!!!! :-)

Hi welshbabe, yep the same here. When I got home from school (in the 60's) I watched Lost in Space, McHale's Navy, Gilligan's Island, Bewitched etc. Now when I see them I wonder why (LOL).<br />