Growing Up Naked

Growing up i have always been very secure with the naked body. Partially due to the fact that growing up my father was a practicing nudist. For me being around nudity was a normal natural thing. I hardly ever saw my father with clothes on. The only time he really ever had clothes on was when we had company over or he was coming home from work. When i had friends over my father would ask them if they had a problem with nudity. But even then he would keep clothes on because other families didn't think the way we did and that it is extremely inappropriate to not wear clothing. It wasn't till i got little older when i was around 15 or 16 that people started to tell me that nudity is something that people in "normal" society just didn't do openly or in public. But being around it my whole life i tend to disagree, personally i don't think there is anything wrong with the naked body. And just because your naked doesn't mean "sexual" like several people i have come across tend to believe so. Now that I'm older I have come to understand what my father has been telling me about the naked body. I to have developed a somewhat of a nudist lifestyle. I feel it to be free and comfortable. And have learned to appreciate the naked body for what it is. So every time i see my father i try to thank him for the experiences he has showed me in my life.

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I am life long nudist and with my late wife we raised our family nudist they are now in their 39s and 40s and still comfortable with nudity , my youngest son and daughter share house with me and we live naked.

that is exactly the way i was raised. and my dad taought me there are 2 groups of people that should be nude really really good looking people and everyone else

Nudity should never be taboo, if it's in a consensual situation. And I also think people judge the naked body too harshly. Not everyone is going to look like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt. And I'm extremely happy about that.

nudeinva i wouldnt agree with you more

Excellent story and thanks for sharing! Nudity is truly natural and so freeing!

You didn't mention your mother. Did your father raise you by himself or was your mother around and was she a nudest too?

i think the story is a good way to grow up i didnt grow up like that but different strocks for differrent folks i guess

i didnt realize it was till after i submitted it

I wonder why they put you in the Adult community? that's so wrong.