My Spanking Fetish Started When I Was A Kid

I have spent a long time trying to remember when spanking entered into my consciousness. I had young parents who were christian and believed in spanking. I think my first serious spanking came when I was about five. My brother is two years younger than me and we had gotten into a fist fight. I remember my dad talking to me about what it meant to be brothers. The bible was mentioned, specifically that it said that brothers were best friends. My parents biggest rule was you don't fight with your brother. Then he explained that I was going to get a bare bottom spanking with the belt. My dad had been spanked that way, and it was reserved for serious punishment. I don't actually remember the spanking. I remember looking up at my dad. I remember the belt and the fear. I remember a lot of pain. I remember being terrified of the belt forever after. It has taken me a long time to dig up this memory.

My brother and I were spanked bare bottomed regularly after that. We were spanked by our parents, relatives, sitters, and family friends over the years. I was always afraid of the belt, and the threat of it was very effective so that I rarely felt it. I did get "the spanking stick" regularly. I was also required to fetch switches from the yard on multiple occasions. We weren't always spanked on the bare, but it wasn't rare. Neither was multiple spankings in a day or even in a single session. My brother was hyper and got it more often than me. I saw him get spanked on many occasions before I turned ten. By then, my kink had already set. I remember that I had an obsession with butts and spanking when we would act out stories with our stuffed animals. I remember that us young boys (my brother, my cousin, a neighbor kid, etc.) would play sexy games. I would always sneak spanking into the mix. I enjoyed hearing about how other kids were spanked. I tried to get them to spank me.

The same thing happened when I was a preteen, only girls were introduced for the first time. My brother and I had a wooden fort that we had built in the back yard. There were girls next door around our same age. We were normal kids, and we talked about sex and played games in our fort. We were all curious about all kinds of sex, but I was the oldest and I tended to introduce spanking and kink the most. It was so awkward, in retrospect!

As a teenager, it just got stronger. When I was fifteen, my brother somehow came up with a pornographic novel that got passed around. It was very poorly written, but it was gold in my hands around the time that I was just discovering myself. The last chapter had a ridiculous roll-reversal/femdom seen in it that included a man getting spanked by a women. That was it for me!

A few more things had strong influences in my spanking kink. My father, unbeknownst to me at the time, had decided to stop spanking us kids. My mother hadn't really agreed, though. As a result, I had a lot less spankings when I was twelve and thirteen. Until I got into some big trouble at school (told off a teacher). I came home indignant expecting sympathy and instead I got a spanking. I had to fetch the spanking stick from the top of the fridge where it was kept, giving off its ominous aura. I was stunned when I was told that I had to get spanked on the bare. I threw myself of the floor and refused to take my underwear off, before finally relenting. I gave in under the thread of getting the belt from my dad when he got home. I was still afraid, because it was common to be spanked by my mother during the day and again by my father at night. My only hope was that my mother wouldn't tell him if I obeyed, as a favor.

I was aquiver in fear and expectation. I expected to get a real hard spanking. I guess I had been thinking about spanking a lot in its absence. I was confused about my feelings, and here I was about to get a ton of clarification. I was shocked and embarrassed. I had thought that I was too old for spankings, probably because I had just started to enter puberty. Strangely, I received a very weak spanking that day and it was over quickly. I don't really know why, and I can't ask, because my mother died in a car accident a year later. It was the last time I would be spanked as a juvenile.

I don't know how much my kink is a result of inherent predisposition. I was definitely influenced by the spanking experiences of my childhood. I have since been spanked several times as an adult. It is a main component to to my sexuality. It has been since I was very young.
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My spanking interest began VERY early in life. I was about five when I began my interest in everything spanking. My siblings and I (the only boy of 5 kids), got spanked regularly at home and at the Christian school we attended. I was never spanked with anything but the hand, paddle or wooden spoon in either place. I was never spanked bare, either. I guess I was more fortunate than those who were belted or switched on the bare.
My "fetish" for bottoms, thighs and spanking began with my younger sister. We'd play house a lot using her dolls as the children. One day, she decided she wanted to be the one spanked and would take the dolls place over my knee.
Before long I was spanking her panties and then, her bare bottom.
Once at school, I found plenty of kids to play house and school with almost every day with me as the spanker since there were few boys interested in the games but the first and second graders. I was usually the oldest in the group so was looked upon as the "authority figure."
I would also quiz kids (boys and girls alike) on their experiences with spanking at home. I would listen intensely for words like "over the knee" and "bare bottom." I would then ask if they ever gave or received a play spanking then would try and coax them into letting me spank them playfully.
Many were well willing to since they were used to it. Some said no while some who either weren't spanked or ever did play spanking would agree just to see what it was like. MANY would come to me for private spankings.
Baring was taboo so for those who wanted it, we would find a secluded place to play out of ear and eye shot of adults so baring could be done.
This continued through age 13. I stopped spanking my sister around age 9.
Now, I spend time reliving these experiences in my mind or via internet. Spanking is still a passion for me but not a fetish so much.

We didn't have a fort but a little play house made from an old canopy off my dad's pick-up and that is where we played our games. I was around six when i involved girls in my games and enjoyed their bottoms far more than those of boys, though played with a number of them regularly, as well.
What kind of games went on on the fort?

My interest in spanking began around age five, as well only it was in the giving and not receiving. It started with my little sister two years my junior. We were and still are very close. I don't remember us fighting much before adolescence.
I, too, had a fetish for bottoms and spanking and I am sure that it began with my parents' spankings which I emulated with my little sister. We were never bared for our spankings but they were always over the knee. My sister recruited me to play house with her and her dolls. Before long it was just the two of us in the game and the dolls were only "innocent by-standers." She enjoyed being over my knee.
After a few weeks, I started baring her bottom, which she didn't seem to mind at all. I have no idea where I got the idea of baring bottoms but this became a favorite pass time for me with boys and girls in the neighborhood as well as with my sister.
My desire for both bare bottoms and spanking is still quite strong after a half century,
My interest in bare bottoms also led to my second pass time of playing doctor. When playing one-on-one, the RTs and Shots were administered otk. When in a group (in seclusion) the patients were on the stomachs for most of the examination.

My kink was hard wired into my psyche in a similar fashion. For years I just wanted it to go away...
It never went completely and I learned to live with it.
And I never spanked my own kids.
Good luck and many blessings to you.