She Always Told Me She Wished She Didn't Have Me...

My mother had fertility issues and actually had to spend a lot of money to have my sister and I but she never shows she loves us. When she gets mad she screams that she never wanted children and her life would be so much better without us. It is hard to comprehend how not putting a dish in the right place deserves these comments.

I can't even understand it. She PAID to have us, and yet she can't even tell us that she loves us and constantly reminds us of our burden on her and her sanity.
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1 Response May 6, 2012

Jesus. This is awful, but I sympathize and understand. My mother had me late in life. She was in her 40s when she was pregnant with me and it was in the 40s when this happened. She often told me "I thought it was tumor." That was supposed to be funny, I guess. To be constantly compared to a tumor... well you can guess how it felt. <br />
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Human life is precious. It should not be denigrated verbally or otherwise.<br />
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my dear.