My Mother Verbally Abuses Me,

Sometimes she gets physical, and hits me. One minute she loves me then the next she hates me. I know to run, when the flames come into her eyes. Other kids feel lucky when they get a new phone, or a sketch-pad, I'm lucky if my mom is in a good mood when she comes home. One time she texted me and said "You lying *****, you ****** your grade up" I didn't do anything it was a mistake with the teacher, he ever told her. But I still had to pay. I don't know. I needed to get that off my chest.
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Hit that ***** back. Sorry, but it doesn't sound like she has much of a brain.

She doesn't lmao. That how I got her to stop, I hit her as hard as I could

Good for you. I hope your life gets better.


"... beat me as you feel fit to feel good about yourself, for you will never break me..."<br />
<br />
I said these word to my father whenever he stood over me trying with all his might to suppress me to say he that was right. "You are stupid and will never amount to anything..."<br />
<br />
Never will I ever submit to such words or abuse when I know that in my heart I am right, regardless of who it is that think they can just stand over me and beat me down. Because their worst fear is I will rise and take all that they have to offer and leave and return with enough gather strength to show them their own reflection.<br />
<br />
"Everything you thought you were doing to me... you were doing to yourself. For you see in seeing your own reflection when I hold up the mirror of truth, you are seeing own your true self with the words that you try to use against me. <br />
<br />
Remember, you never know when I'll return and be standing over you as you lay asleep remembering these days of torture. Now step away me from and never say these terrible things to me again, because one day you are going to close your eyes and the last person see, just might be me..."<br />
<br />

Thanks for the great words of wisdom

i know offering help and pity will just make you feel worse but i know for a fact talking to somebody who dosent know you will make you feel better

She doesnt do it much anymore. So it's okay.

the offer still stands

Thank you:)

i'mm sorry

Child you do not need that kind of environment.You need to go and tell a trusted teacher or a counselor. Your life is in danger. I wished I could help you with this but I am in a different country. They can protect you. Talk to a family member. They can get in touch with family services. It may not be the most ideal family situation but it has to be better than where you are living.

I told her I would, so she stopped.

Good girl I am proud of you. You can also call the 1 800 number I have listed on my profile. They can get a hold of family services. They will call the police and put you in a safe place.

Things are better now.