I Still Love My Mother

It happened again. My mother lost control and slapped me. She continued to panically shout on me, she kept calling me names. It's not the first time, it happened before but now I know that she will be fine without me, she will have her boyfriend to hug her and tell that everything is going to be fine. I couldn't leave her alone
She told me to pack my stuff, I'll have to leave as soon as I can. To where...? My brother is happily living in another country and father will hardly accept me. To find a part time job! Hahaha, in this country even people with diplomas hardly get one. But I will try.

With all of my insecurities I must move forward. The job, final exams, the loneliness.,, maybe they will be good friends.
BlindFate BlindFate
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2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

Awww...=( if you need a friend, I'm here! =)

You have to get out of this house. Go anywhere just get as far as you can from your mother. This is not healthy for you she should not treat you this way. Do you think you cans tay with a friend or a relative? Find someone who is very close to you and stay with them until you figure things out. <333