“Kimberly Erin Kress don’t you ever ******* lie to me” (I was 8 trying to tell you Blake was touching in place that no a 8 yr girl should never be touch in)

“Kim what did you just spit into out into the sink?” (I was 8. Blake forced me to give him head, I just wanted to you see what Blake is teaching me. Beside you should what *** looks like”

“Kimberly why do you look those awful sites?” (I was 10, Why? Because when I touch myself it feels good and I’m curious)

“Kim can show what websites your kids shouldn’t look at. She an expert in ****” (I was 12, I need a way to get rid of my stress)

“Why do you draw such violent pictures?” (I was 17, I needed an outlet)

“I don’t understand why you write such violent things, where did I go wrong?” (I was 18, I needed to express my anger, anguish, sorrow, hate)

“Kimberly Kress stop breaking everything thing” (I was 20, I was running out of ways to get out my anger that didn’t involve punching you in the face repeatedly)

“Why do you have to dress that?” (15 – now cause I’m not like the rest of the Orange County attention seeking ******. Is it crime to wear a comfy shirt, jeans {maybe there’s a little bit of dirt, so}, and hiking boots)

“Is there a magic pill that she can be to cure of her learning disability and her anger) (I was 15, why you do want me to be flawless? Why can’t you expect for who I am? Why do you always have to verbally abuse me? Your no better than kids that bully me at school)

“Is that blood and skulls on your shirts? I guess you must have been in one of your moods” (I was 28, why do you judge me ****)

“I swear I don’t why behave like that, where did I go wrong?” (15 thru now, start from the top of the list and work your way down than and continue)

“I wish she could take a magic pill and she be cured of everything, it hurts me seeing her like this” (every ******* year since I was 8. I got an idea how about you place a pillow over my face and don’t remove until I stop breathing? But if you do that who are going to verbally abuse than? Oh well I guess I have to keep living with your abuse)

“Kim you know I’m not a horrible mother right?” (Night before my 29th birthday. Thank you so much mother dearest for mentally rapping me, I know it’s been a few weeks since you kicked me to curb.
KimErin666 KimErin666
31-35, F
Aug 22, 2014