My Mother Was Very Abusive

my mother was very abusive verbly and phyisically abused me and my sisters

my twin sister hasnt forgiven my mother but i have to forgive her is to

let my pain go and to hate her stll means i hold on to the pain, i wished

i could get my sister to let the pain go and forgive her but she lives her life as a

victome and i choose to live as a surviver , it takes courage to let go and be a surviver

she just cant understand iam healing up from my passed and iam living for today not

living my life in yestersterday becalse u cant do any thing about yesterday but live and

learn its like how you drive a car u cant drive your car to the store

backwards so why live in the passed . my mother will never say shes sorry so u have

to find a place for the pain and its in the bottem of the lake. thats why i dont suffer from

depression as badly as i have . iam healing and learning to live and iam happy

lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
3 Responses Mar 22, 2009

I have done the same as you.i forgive my mom and my abuser because no one is perfect im sure im not a perfect mom myself but im tge best I can be and also I thank my mom because she thought me not to put my kids thry what she put me

i haven't spoken to my mother in nearly 3 years. she was abusive and negligent. she let my dad abuse me and did nothing about it.<br />
i know how you are feeling. you are ok and doing well my friend. keep strong and put the distance between you and your mother if you can.

Wow! You need to put some distance between yourself and your mother. Of course that's hard with jobs being so not available but I think I'd be looking in different locations where she couldn't get to me so easily like a couple of hundred miles away.